Monday, 11 January 2010

A Film

Just before Christmas - notably when I was writing my essay on James Bidgood's "Pink Narcissus" - I had a dream about a film set made out of tin foil and there was this woman that looked a bit like Elizabeth Taylor walking around it. She had a kind of wedding dress thing on and red lipstick and a beehive-ish hairdo. So I noted all this down and decided to keep the main ideas, which were to me of glamour (?) and tin foil. And that tin toil would look really nice filmed on 8mm.

Also I had been watching a lot of Captain Scarlet on the internet (another essay avoidance activity) because I adore Gerry Anderson programs. Actually I also watched some bits of The Secret Service, Joe 90 (which is shit) and Supercar. Anyway I love all the models, they're wonderful, and I decided I would get into making something when I started back. So I've been doodling some things in my notebook and the two ideas have combined and some sort of project is taking place.

Basically I want to make a film (shot on Super 8, obv...) that includes models, sets (plenty of tin foil) and costumes, props etc. As it'll be a bigger project than I think it is, as is always the way, my plan is to build and design separate elements week by week while I pad out the content of the film.

If it sounds ropey then I'm sure it is. Though having thought about it a little longer, I see it as a way of experimenting with different materials/mediums - model making, costume design, performance, sound, video etc. I just want to make all the things I've though of and then present them all in the context of a short film.

Anyway, below are some notebook images of the main ingredients so far:

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