Saturday, 24 October 2009

TG 8mm V.2 1000 200 10

The current state of my Super 8 video edit. So far I think there are some really nice bits, but I plan to work into it further. The video consists of footage from Throbbing Gristle's performance in London back in June, mixed with bits shot whilst exploring derelict buildings - St. Crispin's hospital in Northampton, The Saxon Cross Hotel in Sandbach and a large laboratory building, apparently a former paint mixing facility, in Holmes Chapel. But these really just serve as vignettes for the 'Gristle bits.

Friday, 23 October 2009

"England 'til I Die..."

So I've figured out how to embed my recent sound bits. The top one (No.1) is a kind of collage cut up and rearranged at random, though of course I've worked into it and tune-ified it in places. It consists mostly of sped up samples, including some clips recorded during a tour of the Bridgewater Hall's organ at the start of the month. The second (No.2) is a more tune-ish piece, with recordings made at a Violin performance at Victoria Baths - also at the start of the month - and a few samples from the cacophony of the "EDL" "demonstration" in the city centre a few weeks ago - police dogs, fascists, you know...

Sometimes I like the pieces and sometimes I don't. The quality of the original recordings is often far from perfect, and more often than not I can't resist the temptation to insert some sort of tuneful element. Pop musician at heart most certainly.

Do listen with headphones if you can.

They grow up so fast nowadays...

A small test semi-collage; actually I suppose this one is more of a diorama as there's a physical space for the characters to be in... But anyway, I'm currently working on some Super 8 footage shot over summer and trying to make something nice of it, though the afternoon's seminar preachings about having solid concepts and stuff in your work are bothering me somewhat. I don't feel it's always necessary, especially when you're still finding your feet.
We can't all be Joseph Kosuth after all, boring bastard.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Costa me a thefewusan

A quick piece knocked together in under 30 mins. It shows. I think I prefer to spend a bit longer on a collage, this one is kind of shitty. Aspects of it I like though; if you catch her at the right angles she's quite convincing. It looks like a birthday card with that crappy text at the bottom. The text is meant to be Spanglais sales pitch of sorts.

Pokot Polka Pot

Today's collage has been made using an idea offered up to me by the powers. Having cut a rough, jagged oval out of a magazine page a while ago to obtain a part of an image, I noticed that the image on the page underneath was now framed by this shape and the two fit kind of believably together. Even though this piece has been quite crudely cut, your eyes follow certain shapes and lines and try to make sense of the supposed "objects" before you - often you will make assumptions about which pieces of paper are separate and which have been manipulated to fit; many have not been, though of course certain pieces have been positioned in order to create a vague narrative...
And into the night!!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Parma Ham Dress, Bernina Express

A return to collage, of the image kind that is. Here we find the lovely Delia Smith, younger and with a dab of eye make-up, quietly existing for all eternity in the glowing after-life. Into the night!

"Delia Hereafter"
"A personal garden of faint sounds and quiet,

for Delia's body when finally expired.
All of time then will be hers to embark
on culinary trials each day, until dark"

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Matured In Miniature Coffins

A couple of cut-ups/word collages taken from, among other sources, food magazines (well, Sainsburys "Fresh Ideas") They're a good source for adjectives.

Cut-Up No.3 "The Rich Thigh Of Fascism"

Cut-Up No.4 "The Visible Lizard"

Monday, 12 October 2009


As I've been working on some sound bits this last week, I don't have anything new and colourful for show at present. However, here is Independence Day Sweded; made as part of a group last week. I made the model city and played the lead : )

I don't know yet how to have a direct YouTube feed - indeed I have not looked.
But here are two stills from my favourite scenes to compensate:

Big Willy Style

Gerry Anderson. Something about Gerry Anderson

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Welcome... my blog - The Little Blue and Revenue. For this first post I will upload some pictures of my most recent work, post-arrival in Manchester. A few collages w/verses, drawings and cut-up writings:

"On My Raft"
"A throne of roses and a feast of beans,
On my raft I sail.
Four beautiful women, to cook and to clean,
Lest sudden poos prevail."

"Eden is as Eden shows,
Indeed just as one might suppose!
All the year she blooms and grows,
To please the tastebuds and the nose"

"Watertower Lady"
"My heart is filled with holiday sorrow,
Concern for mine and his tomorrow;
The watertower lady hath led him astray,
And now I fear we'll have to stay"

"These coloureds are so yielding, General; here is my command:
Round them up efficiently and tell the troops to land..."

Manchester Musuem, 24/09/09

Second sighting of public death this annum, 25/09/09

Cut Up No.1 - "The Little Blue and Revenue"

Cut Up No.2 - "Women Like Natalie"