Monday, 11 January 2010

Cherubs Descend Upon Chatsworth

Prior to the Christmas holidays, to help me avoid writing my essay I did some work on a series of sound loops made from recordings I had made of some of my vinyls being played by hand. I've found this to be quite a nice way to work because pre-recorded sound is a much higher quality and sharpness than most of the stuff I've recorded myself, for obvious reasons.
When it's played at the wrong speed and is only sampled for a second or so it can become pretty unrecognizable as the work of someone else, and you can use it to make nice new pieces of your own without needing to have a brass section to hand, for example.

I'll try to post this track "Cherubs Descend Upon Chatsworth" soon.
It was made up of four separate loop based pieces I'd made, that strung together quite well. Now the track doesn't really exist because I got rid of all the vocal samples and split it in the middle to separate a couple of the original pieces from each other. Now they're collecting dust in separate Garageband files but I'll get back to them in good time...

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  1. great stuff, been a while since you've posted some work. get cracking with music thing...