Sunday, 4 October 2009

Welcome... my blog - The Little Blue and Revenue. For this first post I will upload some pictures of my most recent work, post-arrival in Manchester. A few collages w/verses, drawings and cut-up writings:

"On My Raft"
"A throne of roses and a feast of beans,
On my raft I sail.
Four beautiful women, to cook and to clean,
Lest sudden poos prevail."

"Eden is as Eden shows,
Indeed just as one might suppose!
All the year she blooms and grows,
To please the tastebuds and the nose"

"Watertower Lady"
"My heart is filled with holiday sorrow,
Concern for mine and his tomorrow;
The watertower lady hath led him astray,
And now I fear we'll have to stay"

"These coloureds are so yielding, General; here is my command:
Round them up efficiently and tell the troops to land..."

Manchester Musuem, 24/09/09

Second sighting of public death this annum, 25/09/09

Cut Up No.1 - "The Little Blue and Revenue"

Cut Up No.2 - "Women Like Natalie"

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