Friday, 23 October 2009

"England 'til I Die..."

So I've figured out how to embed my recent sound bits. The top one (No.1) is a kind of collage cut up and rearranged at random, though of course I've worked into it and tune-ified it in places. It consists mostly of sped up samples, including some clips recorded during a tour of the Bridgewater Hall's organ at the start of the month. The second (No.2) is a more tune-ish piece, with recordings made at a Violin performance at Victoria Baths - also at the start of the month - and a few samples from the cacophony of the "EDL" "demonstration" in the city centre a few weeks ago - police dogs, fascists, you know...

Sometimes I like the pieces and sometimes I don't. The quality of the original recordings is often far from perfect, and more often than not I can't resist the temptation to insert some sort of tuneful element. Pop musician at heart most certainly.

Do listen with headphones if you can.

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